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József Törley Foundation

Establishing members: 
József Törley and the Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. (legal predecessor: Henkell & Söhnlein Hungaria Kft.)

Törley Pezsgőpincészet
5-7 Anna u., H-1221 Budapest
The foundation’s tax number: 18243510-1-43

The foundation accepts contributions in the form of 1% of personal income tax (submitted by the tax return form and a declaration, where the beneficiary is the József Törley Foundation, and its tax number is given.)

The Foundation’s Purpose:

  1. To support research and scientific advancement regarding the improvement and development of sparkling wine making technologies, and improving sparkling wine quality and product range.
  2. To preserve the traditions of the renowned Törley sparkling wine and Törley brand, and to collect its historical records and relics.
  3. To honour the founder of the sparkling wine factory, József Törley, and those members of the Törley family, who take part in promoting Törley sparkling wines and Törley brand.
  4. To contribute to and support the new sparkling wine making generation’s professional identity and development.
  5. To grant financial support for the scientific research carried out by those students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Budapest Corvinus University (the formal Agricultural University), and other schools and educational organizations, who are also studying sparkling wine making, and for the young professionals working at Törley sparkling wine factory, which research is related to sparkling wine making and Törley traditions.
  6. To collect resources and contributions in order to achieve the above mentioned goals of the foundation. To invest in the development of the factory.

The foundation is public, meaning that any Hungarian and international individuals and legal bodies may join, if they contribute to the foundation’s goals by transferring assets and if they comply with the provisions of this deed of foundation.
The intention of joining the foundation shall be declared in writing. Memberships are granted by the advisory board.

The advisory board represents the foundation; they also manage the foundation’s assets and operate as the foundation’s authority. The advisory board has 4 members and a chairman. The Chairman is a person appointed by the Founders. The Chairman’s assignment is for a 3-year term, and the assignment’s term may be extended.

The rest of the advisory board members are also appointed by the Founders unanimously for 3-year terms, which also may be extended. Both members may propose two candidates each for the office from among those who meet the requirements.

The Foundation is represented by the Chairman and the Advisor Board towards third persons. The Chairman and the Advisory Board members may represent the Foundation together at all times.


Dr. László Nyulászi - university lecturer, head of department

Advisory Board members:

dr. András Salgó - university lecturer, head of department
dr. Miklós Kállay - university lecturer, head of department
Attila Szabolcs Attila - mayor of Budafok-Tétény
Kálmán Kozma - president of Hungarian Sommelier Association

The advisory board holds meetings as frequently as necessary, but at least twice a year.

The advisory board meetings are public.

The most important duties of the advisory board include making decisions regarding the acceptance of donations and contributions, regarding the best way of using the Foundation’s funds for the Foundation’s purposes, especially when it comes to inviting and evaluating tenders, making decisions about handling the Foundation’s assets, approving of the Foundation’s annual balance sheet, annual accounts and declaration of public use.

The Chairman and the advisory board members perform their duties without any financial compensation, as volunteers. In order to achieve the Foundation’s purposes, 5% of the Foundation’s initial capital can be allocated.Also, funds may be allocated from any returns on the other 95% of the initial capital (such as interest, dividend, etc.), and from contributions made later by other members, and the returns on those. 

The Foundation shall invite tenders every year for the development of sparkling wine making, for the improvement of sparkling wine quality, for the improvement of manufacturing technologies, and for research of Törley traditions, and other scientific work, and for recording the results of any of the scientific research above. The research fields and topics of interest are developed by the Advisory Board, who may require the assistance of the professional committees (two members each) of the University of Technology, Corvinus University and Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft.
The opportunity of submitting tenders alternates annually between full-time university and college students and young professionals working at Törley Sparkling Wine Factory. University and college students may freely choose the topics developed by the advisory board as the topic for their own school papers, theses, scientific articles and publications, or other research papers. Young professionals working at Törley Sparkling Wine Factory may also submit their innovations and inventions as tenders. Young professionals are those who are under 35 at the time of submitting their tenders.
For the winner tender, the Foundation offers the “József Törley Award”, which constitutes of a commemorative plaque, an honorary certificate and a cash prize.

In the course of choosing topics, developing and inviting tenders, awarding the “József Törley Award” and other prizes, awards and funding, the Advisory Board proceeds by observing especially high professional standards, dedicated to Törley family traditions, and make their decisions based on their own professional knowledge and discretion. The Advisory Board may decide to ask for the assistance of an independent expert or professional advisor if it is deemed necessary for the decision making process.


The Advisory Board of József Törley Foundation invites tenders in the following topics every year:

  1. Sparkling Wine Marketing
  2. Sparkling Wine Making Technologies
  3. Analytic and Quality Inspection of Sparkling Wine Making
  4. Physiological Effects and Gastronomical Role of Sparkling Wine
  5. Maintaining Törley Traditions and Public Relations
  6. Possible Ways of Utilizing the Törley Traditions
The tenders must be submitted by 30th May the latest every year to the following address:

Dr. László Nyulászi, university lecturer, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

4 Szent Gellért tér, H-1521 Budapest