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Törley Wine Order

In 1987, in association with Bacchus Wine Orders, who aim to preserve the world’s wine making traditions, the world’s first sparkling wine order “Chevaliers TÖRLEY” was established in Budafok.

The sparkling wine order is named after József TÖRLEY, the iconic figure of Hungarian sparkling wine history, and the order strives to preserve the century-old traditions associated with his name. The members of the sparkling wine order have to meet strict requirements, and pass trials to prove their worthiness. The initiation ceremony entails not only a blind testing of various sparkling wines, but also requires the candidate’s degorging a bottle of crude sparkling wine.

This means, that the bottle must be opened carefully, and the sediment set on the cork must be popped out of the bottle, while the sparkling wine should remain intact in the bottle. Following a successful trial, the knighting itself must be preceded by the candidate’s swearing an oath to Dom Perignon, the monk, who discovered the secret of sparkling wine making.

The members undertake the responsibility of preserving the quality of sparkling wines to the best of their abilities, promoting TÖRLEY Sparkling Wine Cellar’s products, promoting wine and TÖRLEY sparkling wine culture all over the world, promoting responsible wine drinking and wine’s importance in people’s lives. All members – viticulturists, the cellar’s affiliates and partners, descendants of the Törley family, well-known politicians and artists – are obligated to establish and promote the traditions and reputation of the order’s sparkling wine, TÖRLEY Sparkling Wine Cellar and its products all over the world.

The order’s ritual drink is TÖRLEY Extra Cuvée, which is not available on the market. The candidates having passed the initiation ceremony receive a bottle of this brand in a special wooden box.
TÖRLEY Extra Cuvée has a 12 g/l sugar content, and is made of the cuvée of the best sparkling wine base wines of Etyek, including high acid content varieties such as Chardonnay, Olaszrizling and Ezerjó.


János Karkó - Grand Master
Károly Quirin - Master of Ceremonies
Tamás Lőrik - Chancellor
Róbert Koczuba - Taster
Kata Szabó M. - Keeper of the Seals
András Csomay - Travelling Ambassador

TÖRLEY Sparkling Wine Order contacts:

Tamás Lőrik - Chancellor
Phone: 424-2645
Fax: 226-0429
E-mail: Chevaliers@torley.hu