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TÖRLEY Chardonnay Brut Nature

A sparkling wine of hay yellow colour with a nose of medium intensity which offers right off the bat clearly discernible notes of citrus, pears and white flesh peaches. On the palate the bubbles provide a creamy texture and together with the elegant and zesty acidity, the lithe body and low alcohol a balanced whole is created. The flavours recall the white flesh stone fruits typical of chardonnay and it ends on notes of grapefruit and spices. Törley Chardonnay Brut Nature is a no dosage drink; therefore, it reveals the buoyancy so characteristic of such completely dry sparkling wines.

  • Brut nature
  • White
  • 12
  • 6-8 °C
Results this product received at International and national wine competitions!
Year Wine competition Vintage Results
2019 Nemzetközi Bor- és Szeszverseny, London
2019 XXVI. Chardonnay Du Monde, Franciaország
2018 XXV. Chardonnay Du Monde, Franciaország